cold-pressed smoothie

200ml JUICE

Kid’s birthday? Kitty party? Wedding? Sports Event?

With our unique flavours and delightful packaging, our cold-pressed juices are delicious & nutritious beverage option for any event.

No minimum order required. 

Delivery charge: Rs. 300 

(FREE delivery on orders worth 40 bottles or more)



Extend healthy to your cocktails with our fresh cold-pressed cocktail mixers made with fresh fruits and herbs. Enjoy straight up or mixed-up with any alcohol of your choice. 

No minimum order required.
Delivery charge: Rs 300

(FREE delivery on orders worth 10 bottles or more)
**For Mixologists and Bartending Experts seeking that perfect potion.
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cold-pressed juices for offices


Want your staff to stay healthier, happier and energised throughout the day?

We offer a healthy, convenient solution to getting cold-pressed juices delivered directly to your workplace. No matter how small your office, or large your company, we can customise our products to meet your needs. 

Choose the frequency of your juice deliveries or talk to us about stocking your fridges with a weekly supply of cold-pressed goodness.

(All orders of 40 or more bottles attract a healthy discount)

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If you are looking to get customised juices,  just give us a shout out. We can make single ingredient juices or special combinations just for you.